Fiber laser marking machines

Fiber lasers are the best solution for marking on metals, plastics and varnished materials. These machines deliver excellent results with precise and fast output, the marking is permanent and extremely accurate.

The most important benefit due to fiber source is that no maintenance is needed: these products are highly reliable, stable and incomparable for laser beam quality. The mean time between failures (MTBF) of a fiber laser machine is between the 30.000 and 40.000 hours. The life of the only fiber diodes can reach 100.000 hours of actual marking. In this way, operating costs are drastically cut and continuity of production is ensured.

The power consumption is the lowest ever: with a consumption of less than 500W fiber laser machines are the most inexpensive solution today on the market.

Our fiber laser marking machines are user friendly thanks to the self-explanatory and intuitively to operate software. Adjusting a few parameters a wide range of different en results can be achieved.

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